What are the barriers to success with Tier 1 students and what can interfere with the progress they are making since? 
1) The first barrier can be a Language Barrier. It can be second language learners. I know that many of you around in the United States and probably in Europe as well, have now a lot of immigrants coming in and they have to learn in your native language, in English but they don’t have that as their native language.
2) We also have a lot of students that we know are struggling in school, they have speech and language delay, they have speech and language problems of one kind or another.
3) We also know that there are Neurodevelopmental learning barriers. As more and more research on the fact that many children have subtle or undiagnosed learning disabilities that are going to interfere with their ability to achieve in your schools. That results in achievement gaps in reading or math or any other academic areas of unknown origin.
But sometimes the students have neurodevelopmental language barriers, or language barriers because of poverty or stress.

There is a great deal of new research showing that poverty or stress in the home environment can really affect the way the brain matures. It doesn’t affect intelligence, it doesn’t affect potential. But it does affect brain maturation. The brain is experienced dependent organ and if the experiences are different for a child then they are, for let’s say children who comes from middle income or higher income families then that does affect the skills and the brain maturation they have for academic subjects.
Then some students have trouble with Academic barriers.They may not have a good set of listening skills, they may not have spent a lot time sitting, listening to people talk. Or they may have a lack of language associated with academics. We call that academic language.

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