About Us

About us

About us

Vision – We are committed to a world where all people achieve their learning potential.

Mission – Neuron Learning provides proven research based programs on how the brain learns to accelerate learning. We deliver patented solutions essential for academic, career, and lifelong success.

Committment – We believe that the best English learning programs blend online and teacher led solutions and should be available to all in a cost effective way.

Our History

Neuron English is a part of the Neuron Learning Group. We are based in Ireland and the United Kingdom and the company started operations in 2005. Our aim is to provide English language training based on,

Four founding principles:

  1. Research proven programs
  2. Ease of implementation
  3. Sustainable and affordable products
  4. Ongoing development and improvement.

We believe that everybody should get access to the best education resources available. Through technology and teacher training we are helping students in many countries get a first class English language learning experience at an affordable price.

Committed to Learning

The Fast ForWord® family of products provides learners with computer-delivered exercises that build the cognitive skills required to read and learn English effectively. Reading Assistant™ is the only reading solution to combine advanced speech recognition technology with scientifically-based courseware to help students strengthen pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension to become proficient, life-long users of English.


Michael M. Merzenich, Ph.D., is an elected member of the US National Academy of Sciences. He has been described as “the father of brain plasticity” in the book “The Brain That Changes Itself”.

In this video Dr. Merzenich talks about the Scientific Learning approach to accelerating learning.


Paula A. Tallal, Ph.D., received her Ph.D. from Cambridge University, UK, and has previously spent her academic career on the faculty of Rutgers University and the University of California San Diego.

Tallal has published 250 papers on the neurobiological basis of speech, language and reading.


He received Discovery Magazine’s Awards for Technology Innovations and the Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award.

In this video Dr. Merzenich talks about the Scientific Learning approach to accelerating learning.


Steven L. Miller, Ph.D., is a co-founder of Scientific Learning.

A neuropsychologist with expertise in the assessment and treatment of developmental language and reading. He has extensive experience in organizing clinical studies and conducting longitudinal studies of children and adults with such issues. He previously has worked with Nervanix and Sally Ride Science as well as Rutgers University.


Joyce is one of the leading practitioners of Fast ForWord having put over 3,000 students through the programs. She has given seminars and talks all over the world on learning English and helping students with learning difficulties.

Joyce is a qualified Montesorri teacher and has run her own schools in Russia and Ireland.


John has run English language schools internationally for nearly 20 years. He was the Vice President Operations for Wall Street English and was appointed Education Specialist with The World Bank in Washington, USA.

He is responsible for development with our partners in over 20 countries.