Independent Reviews

Independent Reviews
As a result of training, measures of receptive language had improved and previously attenuated event-related brain responses reflecting selective attention had normalized.
Many studies have shown the remedial gains of phonological training with Fast ForWord, including auditory discrimination, phoneme discrimination, phoneme identification, phonic match, phonic word, understanding instructions, and grammatical structures and rules.”


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“These results showed that the specific remediation program, Fast ForWord Language, resulted in changes in brain function that include left hemisphere language regions, right hemisphere homologues, and a number of other brain areas”
fMRI shows differences in cortical activation of children with and without dyslexia are diminished following Fast ForWord participation.

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Nevada State concludes that the Fast ForWord products showed the greatest increase of all the 21 programs reviewed by the Learning Institute.

CRT data indicate that Reading increased from 67% to 82% proficient, [and] Writing increased significantly from 55% to 82% proficient.

It qualified Fast ForWord as a “High-Gain Program.”


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The Fast ForWord Language program was found to have potentially positive effects on English language development (expressive and receptive)

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NCRTI reviewed three studies on the Fast ForWord Language products. The above table summarizes those studies, including their designs and effect sizes.


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Some studies used experimental designs, including the use of random assignment, while others have been case studies. Some of the studies had a short timeline and have shown that students start reaping the benefits within a few weeks while others have been longitudinal and show that the benefits endure over years..

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