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Leadership and Classroom Secrets to Help Struggling Students Achieve

Discover how learning environments and different teaching strategies impact brain development, and what school leaders and educators can do to help students of poverty catch up to their peers once and for all. Dr. Jensen is a leader in brain-based learning and author of several best-selling books, including Poor Students, Rich Learning.

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The Student Journey Through Fast ForWord

At Neuron Learning, we strive to streamline the implementation of Fast ForWord in your school. Our implementation models fall into six basic categories: Computer Lab, Classroom, Before and After School, Home/School, Spring/Winter Breaks, and Summer School.

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Free Workbook - Pronouns and Auxiliary Verb Tenses Workbook

Help your students improve their ability in multiple-choice questions using this worksheet. The GOAL is to build skills in paragraph comprehension. We included morphological skills, vocabulary skills (focusing on affixes-prefixes and suffixes) and automatic word recognition tasks.

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Smart Learning / Artificial Intelligence

SmartLearning Technology is the back-end engine that powers Fast ForWord. We knows when a student is struggling and the software provides real-time instruction as soon as a student needs it. Our technology is also continuously improving, allowing us to provide an even greater experience for you and your students in ongoing releases.

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