Case Studies

Romania - Beginners to Advanced

First listening accuracy and then speed. Students develop strong oral comprehension because we focus on the fundamentals of phonemic awareness and listening accuracy with structured blended learning practice on-line and in the classroom.

These students do outstanding in the Cambridge Assessements of English.

Students become better learners as they respond to the exercises developing ex ecutive skills such as memory, attention, processing accurancy and speed as well as sequencing.

Here they are having an advanced conversation about world affairs. Note the lack of an accent and their fluency in speech

Ready to participate in class. The students typical use the on-line resources at home and at school use their skills to develop their conversation skills. Also the teachers know the personal needs of each student and use the classes to address group and individual needs.

Neuron English and Fast ForWord around the World

Neuron Learning has practitioners, schools, partners and associated in over 50 countries worldwide. Here are some case studies of how these providers use Fast ForWord, Reading Assistant and our Cambridge Assessment compliant courses to accelerate their student language skills.

Brainworks - Myanmar

Brainworks have 10 schools and over 3,000 students in Myanmar and are using the programs for over 10 years. The blending of computer based Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant with teacher led classes has helped their students achieve near fluency in English rapidly. They are a Cambridge approved school.


See how one school dramatically improved its students' reading skills. Kenmare Community School showed the success that it's teenagers had with Fast ForWord to improve English reading, language and cognitive skills.


The poem "The elephant story" from Reading Assistant - Neuron English was a driver for an interesting story where kids discovered everything about English!


Peter Mulcahy discusses Fast ForWord at Westminster Junior Primary School in Western Australia. The program was used to develop cognitive and English language schools in combination with tutoring.

Centre for Excellence London United Kingdom

Lisa C from St-Albans - is delighted with her 13 yrs old progress: "Within a four month period he has achieved a Head Teachers’ commendation for improved focus and work in English and he has increased his English grade by two levels in less than a school term. Luke’s English grade went from 5C in July to 5A in November”.

Brainmaps China

Here is a demonstration of the English level of children after 2 years of learning English In Brainmaps centres in China using the programs. Note especially the quality of the second child's pronunciation.

Brainmaps have now over 100 centres in China.

Puig Agut, Catalunya Spain

5th and 6th grade students in Puig Agut have been practicing reading, listening and speaking with Reading Assistant to improve vocabulary, comprehension, listening reading. They recorded themselves to improve fluency and pronunciation

Neuron Learning YouTube Channel