Step # 1 - Foundational Language, Cognitive and Reading Skills

Fast ForWord prepares the brain for learning English by improving the language and cognitive skills that are often weak in struggling students (MAPS — memory, attention, processing speed, and sequencing). When these building blocks for English language are in place, students start to make significant learning gains, and are able to catch up with their peers.

Space Commander Fast forWOrd

Deep Foundations

Neuroscientists designed Fast ForWord to target the foundations of English processing skills such as phonemic identification, phonological awareness and listening accuracy.

PT 1.0

Intensive Practice

Our personalised software adapts to each participant and provides 5 times the amount of intensive practice compared to other English programs.


Cognitive Skills Development

Fast ForWord uniquely helps student become a bettter learner. Each exercise simultaneously develops an English language skill with a cognitive skill.

What Fast ForWord Does

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