The Student Journey Through Fast ForWord

A view of the different modules and teaching method

12 May 2019

A quick view ...

At Neuron Learning, we strive to streamline the implementation of Fast ForWord in your school. Our implementation models fall into six basic categories: Computer Lab, Classroom, Before and After School, Home/School, Spring/Winter Breaks, and Summer School.

While most programs work well on these access models, some learning environments have special requirements. As part of our training and consulting services, we will develop a delivery model suited to your specific needs.

Whether you have demanding scheduling constraints, need to work with an entire grade/year, or a single classroom, we'll work with you to design an access model that will meet your needs.

Computer Lab Model

When your students use Neuron Learning products in a dedicated computer lab, you gain all the benefits of flexible scheduling and group size. A teacher or lab coach is on hand at all times to monitor student progress and help those who need any assistance and/or encouragement. Using this model, you can deliver the Fast ForWord® program or Reading Assistant Plus™ software interventions to small or large groups during the school day, or before or after school.

Classroom/Blended Learning Model

When you implement Fast ForWord READING or Reading Assistant Plus products as a classroom reading program, you can raise the English literacy levels of entire classes and/or grades. This model also works well in rotations of small student groups. Our Implementation consultants will show you the best strategies for implementing our reading intervention programs into your classroom for maximum benefit.

Before and After School Model

Using our products in a classroom or lab before or after school hours gives you extra flexibility in using a variety of schedules. Our products are available in a variety of scheduling options to meet your academic goals and time constraints. Adding sessions before and after school is a perfect way to get the most out of our product.

Home/School Model

With our new MySciLEARN™ platform it is easier than ever to extend the benefits of our solutions in to your students’ homes. They are fully web-based and all of the students’ work can be remotely monitored and evaluated with our comprehensive online reporting. This is ideal for virtual school programs or schools looking to extend learning time and strengthen the home to school connection.

Spring/Winter Breaks

Just because there’s a break in the school schedule, doesn’t mean your students’ brains have to check out. Using Neuron Learning products during school holidays will maintain the gains and bring them back ready to learn.

Summer School Model

Get your students’ brains prepared to learn before the regular school year begins. Neuron Learning products used as intensive interventions during summer school help English language learners make remarkable gains throughout the rest of the academic year.