Scientific Learning Inc

Scientific Learning inc was founded in 1996 to deliver online learning acceleration programs that enable students to make dramatic, enduring gains in academic performance.

Their unique approach combines the science of learning with proprietary, adaptive technologies in a variety of learning environments. More than 250 research studies from thousands of schools over 15 years demonstrate the effectiveness of the programs for students at a range of performance levels—from below basic to advanced, and across multiple subject areas.

Michael Merzenich

Michael M. Merzenich, Ph.D., is an elected member of the US National Academy of Sciences. He has been described as “the father of brain plasticity” in the book “The Brain That Changes Itself”.

In this video Dr. Merzenich talks about the Scientific Learning approach to accelerating learning.

Neuron English Romania

The Neuron English model centre is based in Constanta, Romania.

There the team develops new English learning materials and teacher training courses.

They also provide full business support for our licencees.

neuron english romania

Neuron Learning

Committed to Excellence

Neuron English is a part of the Neuron Learning Group. We are based in United Kingdom. Our aim is to provide English language training based on,

Four founding principles:

  1. Use research proven programs
  2. Ensure ease of implementation
  3. Deliver sustainable and affordable products
  4. Invest in ongoing development and improvement.
neuron learning