Builds English Language Fluency

Our Software "listens" to students as they read and speak English aloud, offering them support with decoding and pronunciation right when they need it.

Over 700 reading Pieces correlated to Lexile measuree, ATOS Grade Equivalent and Fountas and Pinnal Guidelines.


Improves Pronunciation

Reading Assistant actually listens and helps learners whenever they struggle or mispronounce a word — it's like having a personal guided reading tutor available 24/7!


Provides Guided Reading Support

Reading Assistant uses patented speech recognition technology to deliver real-time corrective guided reading feedback, enabling learners to self-correct as they are reading aloud.


Pre-teaches Academic Vocabulary

Built-in Word Wall activities pre-teach academic vocabulary, activate prior knowledge, and provide pronunciations for new words before learners begin each e-book passage.

What Reading Assistant Does

Reading Assistant Saves Teachers Time


Learner Reports

Automatic calculation of words correct per minute (WCPM), and actionable comprehension and vocabulary reports make it easy for teachers to track learners’ reading levels, and specific areas of strength and weakness.


Extensive Library

Reading Assistant Plus provides over 350 reading selections for a variety of interests and reading levels, plus frequent comprehension checks, to keep learners motivated and focused on reading for meaning.

Reading Assistant-Content-EAL-ELL


Each reading piece has an on-line and off-line version with an accompanying workbook. We provide Teacher Guides with relevant content such as comprehension tests, vocabulary builders and exercises.

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