Teacher Support

Included as part of our licencing package our priority is to provide you with the support you need to develop yourself as a professional, save you time and allow you to focus on getting great results for your students.



You combine on-line and one-to-one training to quickly get started and have the follow-up training to maximise your teaching impact. Our priority is for you to teach.


Annual Support

We are available for you with technical and instructional support via phone, email and chat to ensure you can focus on what you do best - teaching.


On-Line Resources

In addition to on-line training we provide professional courses, tutorials, webinars, and libraries to help you develop as a teaching professional

Save Administration and Preparation Time



Easily assess your students using Reading Progress Indicator to place students and assess gains using an on-line independent test.

APD- 36 days

Student Monitoring

Track students automatically with MyScilearn reports that monitor student progress through Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant.



You save time with our content that meets your teaching requirements including international and national curriculum standards

First Class Resources



A smarter evidence-based language and reading English language program for your students.


Teacher Guides and Planners

You get Lesson Guides based on your curriculum. These are detailed with class activities, student worksheets and correlations.

Reading Assistant-Content-EAL-ELL


Use our workbook in class and for homework practice. The exercises reinforce your class teaching and the online exercises.

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