Neuron English combines the "WHAT" of English language learning (phonics/grammar/vocabulary/oral language skills/reading) with the "HOW" of learning (learning efficiency/cognitive skills development/memory/attention/protocols) to optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of learning for ELL/EAL/ESL/ESOL students.

Fast ForWord Introduction (6min)

Corey Aymes explains the link between mental and cognitive skills to learning ability

She shows key elements of the programs such as the 3 Step Process, assessments, scheduling, research studies (Fast ForWord is ranked the top English language development program on What Works Clearinghouse™)

Reading Assistant(4mins)

Develop students’ fluency, prosody, and comprehension faster and more effectively. Reading Assistant provides intensive reading practice using advanced speech verification technology to listen as students read e-book passages aloud. Students receive immediate constructive feedback each time they mispronounce or struggle with a word — reinforcing newly learned reading skills, vocabulary, and fluency.

Combined Programs (8mins)

Dr Martha Burns discusses assisted reading and the Fast ForWord Reading Assistant.

She explains the programs in terms of learning interventions and the advantages of developing cognitive skills as well as core language skills and the need for fluency

Why Fast ForWord is Different (3.5mins)

Dr Martha Burns explains what neuroscience means for learning, the importance of attention and memory skills and why neuroscience can maximise the way a child learns through intensity, adaptability and motivation.

Fast ForWord Foundations I (aka Language v2) (9mins)

Foundations I is the intial program for primary students. It develops phonemic awareness, phonological awareness, vocabulary, structure and comprehension. It is language based and the precursor to the reading programs

A Detailed View of Fast ForWord Programs (11mins)

Sonic Learning have put together a comprehensive review of the programs.

From language development to high level reading you can see examples of exercised you students can do to accelerate English language learning



Reading Progress Indicator allows you to assess students, place students and measure "before and after" results.

Here are the services we can provide

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We can offer the following certifications

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"The What"

English phonemic map

Grammatical structure


Oral language skills

Reading/Writing connection


"The How"

Cognitive skills development


Frequency and intensity of delivery

Adapts to each person's needs

Engagement and motivation


"The Where"

Game based training software

Voice verification software

Student workbooks/teacher guides

Before and after assessments

Automatic progress tracking